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The pace of studying abroad in Germany

The Company's overall goal is to bridge the dreams and ambitions of Vietnamese international students who want to be trained in countries with developed education systems in the world, and then return to contribute to building Vietnam is a rich and strong country.

German course

Vo Gia EDU continuously opens German training courses A1, A2, B1, B2, German exam preparation classes, communication classes, soft skills classes,...

Study abroad profile in Germany

In addition to students who have completed training courses at Vo Gia EDU, we are ready to support members and users who want to make applications to study abroad or apply for jobs in Germany.

Visa to Germany

Vo Gia EDU receives and completes visa applications to Germany, visa extension in Germany, shortening complex processes with high success rate.

Education Center and Study Abroad Consulting

Vo Gia Education and Study Abroad Consulting Joint Stock Company (VO GIA EDU)Β was established in 2019 with a team of experienced educational managers, teachers and foreign-trained educational experts.

Vo Gia EDUΒ always confident that it will bring satisfaction beyond expectations to international students and parents about the study program, school as well as the country of study abroad.

Why should you choose Vo Gia EDU

We always update the latest information about the study abroad market, detailed information about study programs, schools, and countries to study abroad. 24/7 consultants are ready to answer all questions about study abroad programs for free. When it comes toΒ Vo Gia EDU, you will:

  • Get financial support and advice.
  • Evaluated English ability, English training with foreigners.
  • Have the opportunity to receive scholarships at prestigious schools around the world.

Besides, when international students have completed their study program.Β Vo Gia EDUΒ commit:

  • Complete visa application and practice interview skills.
  • Support parents to visit their children, travel, and work.
  • Support to buy air tickets at preferential prices, arrange accommodation and flights.


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How is Vo Gia EDU different?

Vo Gia EDU includes bachelors and masters who have studied, worked and lived in Germany for over 15 years, and have many years of experience in the field of educational consulting. With qualifications, experience as well as dedication to the profession, the Vo Gia EDU team will help the path to your "dream" become faster and more certain.

German courses in Hanoi at Vo Gia EUD center follow German standards with a team of experienced teachers, enthusiastic teaching and modern facilities. In addition, you can attend weekly extracurricular courses on Saturdays with native speakers for free.

The classrooms are all equipped with modern equipment: desks and chairs, speakers, computers, air conditioners, German learning books: Motive (Hueber Verlag) - Hardcover color printed textbooks and additional online German self-study textbooks, Students can download German learning books, review books by topic and other peripheral devices.

Depending on the number of sessions and level, courses will have different costs. Vo Gia EDU does not compete on price, but only competes on teaching quality as well as ensuring the best results for students.

Coming to Vo Gia EDU's German courses in Hanoi, you will be taught to dare to face mistakes and go beyond your comfort zone. For example, walking up and starting a conversation with someone during a session. Feeling especially confident also helps you be more creative in your foreign language practice. Being eager to learn and persevering in self-improvement are the keys to success on the journey to learning German.

Vo Gia EDU is committed to providing parents and students with a 5-star quality study abroad, work and settlement consulting service.