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Fulfill your dream of studying abroad in Germany!

Vo Gia Education and Study Abroad Consulting Joint Stock Company (VO GIA EDU) was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced experts, educational managers and teachers.

VO GIA EDU sets itself the mission of becoming a bridge to bring dreams to life for the young generation of Vietnam to come to Germany - a country with the world's leading educational development to study, develop themselves and serve society.

The Company's operating philosophy is to take educational goals and humanistic spirit as core values, considering trust as the greatest profit.

With a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic and responsible Vietnamese and local lecturers, along with a team of experienced and dedicated management staff, VO GIA EDU is confident to bring young people good opportunities. most suitable, helping you create a sustainable future in a constantly changing world.

Reasons to choose Vo Gia EDU


VO GIA EDU's team of professional consultants is always ready to listen to you, give comments, evaluate, support you in choosing a career, and work with you to build a suitable roadmap and study plan. with the qualities and conditions of each individual, helping you maximize your abilities and be happy with your choice.


We are committed to clarity and transparency in the application processing process. The application processing process is regularly notified to each student. This helps students feel secure and also helps the application processing process proceed as quickly as possible.


We provide high-quality, systematic German training programs. A team of German-Vietnamese teachers and native teachers participate in teaching and supervising the training process.


With the motto of putting educational goals and human values first, considering trust as the greatest profit, we are committed to providing the best quality services at the most reasonable costs.


Vo Gia Edu's representative in Germany is a bridge between the training facility and students for 2-3 years of study, and will always accompany and be ready to support students during their time studying and living in Germany.

Why should you choose Germany as your destination?

Germany is a country with a developed economy, stable politics, high quality of life, and low cost of living.

The list of occupations is diverse, suitable for each subject. Students combine theoretical learning at school and professional practice throughout the course.

Students absolutely do not have to pay tuition and other training costs during their apprenticeship in Germany, and at the same time receive a vocational allowance of 700-1300 Eur/month.
In addition, students are allowed to work up to 10 hours/week with a salary of about 450 Eur/month.

Germany has a modern education system with a professional, disciplined, and effective learning environment. Internationally recognized qualifications.

Students can easily get a job immediately after graduation. After graduating, as long as you continue to work in the right profession for 2 consecutive years, you can easily apply for settlement and enjoy benefits like a native in Germany.

Vocational study abroad route

Learn German
Take the German Language Certificate exam
Complete Visa and Departure documents
Study a major in Germany and receive a salary while you study
Job opportunity 100% after graduation, opportunity to settle after 2 years of working

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